Scot Lib Dems call for accountability over Covid spending

Scottish Liberal Democrat finance spokesperson John Ferry has today called for proper safeguards to be put in place to ensure that the Government correctly identify what is and isn’t Covid-spending, as a new briefing 'Tracking the impact of Covid-19 on Scotland's public finances' published by Audit Scotland warned that “transparency around what is classed as Covid-19 spending across government portfolios remains challenging in a fast-moving and unpredictable environment”

Mr Ferry said:

"These figures show the vast scale of additional resources provided by the Treasury to support Scottish households and businesses, via the Scottish Government, through the pandemic.

"However, with such large sums at play we need proper safeguards in place to ensure government spending is effectively accounted for.

“Both the UK and Scottish governments have faced criticism for spending money under the guise of Covid crisis measures without a proper audit trail, with Scotland’s Auditor General warning earlier this year that it is becoming harder to identify what is and isn’t Covid-19 spending. The lack of transparency and accountability needs to be addressed as a priority. Good governance requires it."

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