Scot Lib Dems: BMA opposition to rape clause is utterly damning

Scottish Liberal Democrat social security spokesperson Caron Lindsay has today demanded that the Government change direction on the so-called ‘rape clause’ after a motion approved by the British Medical Association described the policy as an “abhorrent attack on low income families and children.”

The BMA today agreed a motion “highlighting the terrible ordeal that women are being expected to relive in order to be eligible to receive support for a third child” and stating their support for any doctor who chooses not to participate in the assessment process of exemptions.

Ms Lindsay said:

"Theresa May and Ruth Davidson have been warned time and time again that the demands of this legislation inflict trauma on women by forcing them to disclose abuse under the threat of a financial penalty.

“It’s utterly damning of the government’s plans that this saga has got to the point where doctors on both sides of the border are saying that they could choose not to participate in the assessments demanded by this awful legislation.

“The Conservative party should listen to the advice of the medical establishment and voluntary sector organisations and change direction immediately.”

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