Scot Lib Dems announce plans for radical shake up of transport network

Scottish Liberal Democrats have today announced plans for a radical shake up of Scotland’s transport network.  

At the forthcoming election, the party will call for:  

  • Powerful regional transport partnerships to take control of bus services, following the Transport for London model;  
  • A Scotland wide smart card system for all forms of transport.  
  • Allowing regional transport partnerships control over the development and promotion of transport infrastructure schemes within their area. 

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:  

“At the forthcoming election, Scottish Liberal Democrats will ask voters to back us to put the recovery from the coronavirus first. That means investing in the services that people rely on day-in, day-out like the health service, education and transport.

“It’s time to scrap the Thatcher-era rules that have left Scotland’s transport system clumsy, disjointed and outdated.   

“With modern technology it should be possible to buy a ticket that allows you to get on a train in the Borders, zip up the east coast by bus and catch a ferry to the northern isles. Our plans will make that a reality.”  

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson and lead candidate for Glasgow, Carole Ford said:  


You can’t fix transport problems in Inverness or Aberdeen from a desk in Edinburgh.

“To deliver a truly radical shake up of the Scottish transport system, we cannot rely on central government to do the heavy lifting. It needs to be led by people in every corner of the country. 

“The pandemic has resulted in government paying the bills of the bus companies. So now is the time for government to use the money it puts into bus services to allow communities to set the pattern of services. 

If you want to get the bus service to your street changed you should be able to go to your local councillor not have to lobby the shareholders of the bus company. 

“Giving regional transport partnerships the power to plan, develop and carry out their own transport plans will ensure that every part of Scotland gets the green, efficient and integrated transport that it needs.”  


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