Scot Gov spinning like a washing machine over cost-of-living support

Scottish Liberal Democrat economy spokesperson Willie Rennie has today said that the Scottish Government is “spinning like a washing machine” after a blog published by the independent Scottish Parliament information centre (SPICe) criticised the government for including a host of measures which long pre-date the current crisis in a list of actions it was taking to tackle the present cost-of-living crisis.

The SPICe briefing note states that: “a list of measures announced specifically in response to the current increase in inflation would be quite a bit shorter” and notes that the value of measures introduced since October 2021 is actually £490m, less than a sixth of the Scottish Government’s claimed £3bn.

Commenting on the figures Mr Rennie said:

“The Scottish Government are spinning like a washing machine. Some of the policies that they are claiming credit for date back to days of the Lib-Lab coalition.

“This is a brutal rebuke of the Scottish Government from the studiously impartial researchers at SPICe.

“This SNP/Green government is not doing nearly enough to tackle soaring energy bills and the cost-of-living crisis. We need to get more money to families and kickstart an emergency insulation programme to bring down energy bills.”

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