Salmond should be in no doubt over Carney's comments

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie MSP has called on Alex Salmond to publish his Plan B for currency after it emerged that the Bank of England does have contingency plans for any financial instability or uncertainty.

Commenting on the remarks, Mr Rennie said:

"The nationalists are eager to brush off Mark Carney’s comments because they know that any contingency plans will be based upon the interests of the Bank of England. As part of the UK, the Bank of England backs up the UK pound which Scotland is a part of. If we walk away from the UK, we walk away from the UK pound and the strength of the Bank of England.

“Alex Salmond should be in no doubt over what these comments mean. When the Governor of the Bank of England talks about contingency planning in terms of his responsibility to ensure financial security, his responsibility is to UK plc and the UK pound.

“The First Minister needs to set out his Plan B for currency. Otherwise people across Scotland will continue to ask why the man who expects them to take a leap in the dark seems to be the only man without a contingency plan."

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