Salmond’s TV show “dishonest and misleading”

Responding to news that Alex Salmond’s RT show has breached broadcasting rules, Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP said:

“Although it has been obvious to most of us for quite some time, finally the official verdict is in – Alex Salmond’s RT show has been dishonest and misleading.

“Turns out this Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes after all, he has to get his own production staff to write fan tweets. It undermines the last shed of credibility he might have carried.

“For all his claims of editorial control it’s now clear he just provided the figurehead for another Russian propaganda programme. It’s absolutely staggering he has chosen to stick by RT while chemical weapons have been released on British soil by Russian agents.

“Salmond was irresponsible and categorically wrong to lend the authority of his old office to this corrupt and crooked TV channel. He needs to immediately end his relationship with Russia Today.”

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