Salmond must break his silence on currency

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has called on Alex Salmond to break his silence and spell out his currency plan B after a second advisor on his Fiscal Commission spoke about a transition arrangement on currency.

In an interview with Bloomberg published today, Fiscal Commission member and Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz said that they would wish to see a stable transition agreement but did not say to what. The comments follow those of chief currency advisor Crawford Beveridge, who made a series of new positions yesterday evening.

Earlier today Mr Rennie invited the First Minister to come to the Scottish Parliament to give an explanation for the latest chaos to engulf his currency plan. He refused.

Speaking following Alex Salmond’s refusal to make a statement and on the further chaos caused by Joseph Stiglitz remarks, Mr Rennie said:

“On Tuesday, the head of the First Minister’s own fiscal commission hung him out to dry on the currency union, accepting that it was entirely a decision for the rest of the UK whether to sign up or not.

“On Wednesday, another member of the commission has spoken of proposals for the ‘transition’ of the currency. This all begs the fundamental question about what the currency is in transition to.

“Alex Salmond is growing further apart from his own currency advisors. They both now seem to be saying that the currency might change after independence in as little as six months. Thursday is the final sitting of the Scottish Parliament before the referendum.

“Alex Salmond must break his silence and give voters the clarity they deserve. The parliament deserves no less than this basic respect.

“This currency fiasco matters. With only four weeks to go people deserve to know basic facts like what currency they would expect to be paid in, save with and spend under Alex Salmond’s independence plans.”

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