Ryanair relations wrecked by "shambolic" Scot Gov policy making

Liberal Democrat Scottish Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP has today warned that the Scottish Government's shambolic handling of policy has undermined their credibility with businesses, after Ryanair announced that it is to cut many of its routes from Glasgow Airport.

Ms Jardine said:

"This announcement will disappoint passengers and staff, many of whom will now be worried about the impact on their jobs.

"Typically the SNP made promises to Ryanair that they couldn’t keep. Opposition parties and the Scottish public were unconvinced by their pledge to cut airport taxes.

"The whole policy fell through when a close reading revealed that the whole thing had been impossible all along.

"The shambolic manner in which they have handled this policy is typical of the mismanagement we have seen elsewhere in the health service, in education and perhaps most clearly in Police Scotland. 

"This latest debacle is a blow to the credibility of the Scottish Government with regards to business, at a time when the economy is facing a Brexit challenge and business needs all the support possible."

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