Ruth Davidson has a dark secret...

and it's not that she doesn't like David Cameron...

When Ruth Davidson started claiming she's the real opposition to the SNP, this was our reaction:

Our reaction:

You see, the Tories dark secret is they kept the SNP in power between 2007 & 2011. They voted for the SNP's budget, five times out of five.

The Tories kept the SNP in power

The Tories were so helpful to the SNP that this arrangement was described as an informal coalition. Who benefited from this most? The SNP:

John Swinney calls the Conservatives \

During the General Election, the SNP used fear of the Conservatives in Scotland & the Conservatives used fear of the SNP in England to scare voters to the polls.

Well, that worked well....

They are two peas in a pod, working together to keep the country divided.

Like two peas in a pod

And, less than a year ago, Ruth Davidson refused to rule out doing another deal with the SNP at Holyrood:


The Tories are no opposition to the SNP.

If you want a party that'll be a real, constructive, opposition in Holyrood, you need to vote for the party that's opposed police centralisation every step of the way, that cajoled the SNP into extending free childcare & has held the SNP to account time and time again when they have failed.

You need to vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats on Thursday 5th of May.

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