Rumbles uncovers 10,000 drink driving disqualifications since 2015

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Mike Rumbles MSP today said drinking and driving is never an option as he revealed that more than 10,000 Scots have received disqualifications for drink driving in the past four years.

Freedom of information requests submitted by Scottish Liberal Democrats to the DVLA revealed that since 2015 there have been 10,530 disqualifications for “driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit”, making it by far the most common reason for disqualifications.

A total of 31,305 drivers received a disqualification between 2015 and 20th October 2018.

Commenting on the figures, Mr Rumbles said:

“At this time of year with people rushing home for Christmas, the lure of party season or people travelling the next morning, some people will be tempted to chance that they are ok to drive. But drinking and driving is never an option.

“These figures show that thousands of drivers every year are being disqualified for drink driving. Every single one of those incidents has the potential to result in an accident or even a death.

“We want everyone to enjoy the festive season safely and responsibly, and that means never drinking and driving.

“If you’re enjoying a drink this festive season, I urge you to call a taxi or ask a sober friend or family member to drive.

“The Scottish Government should redouble their efforts to work with venues and the alcohol industry to stamp out drink-driving.”


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