Rumbles: Transport stats show a government "spinning its wheels"

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Mike Rumbles MSP has today warned that the Scottish Government is "spinning its wheels" as new stats revealed that little progress has been made in promoting cycling and the number of bus journeys has fallen below 400 million for the first time.

Figures published today by Transport Scotland reveal that just 1.2% of journey miles were taken by bike, far below the Scottish Government's 10% target. They also show that the number of bus journeys has fallen from a peak of 487 million in 2007-08, when Liberal Democrats left government, to 393 million in 2016-17 with the number of journeys down 14 million in the last year alone.

Commenting Mr Rumbles said:

"These new figures show that the number of people using buses has dropped dramatically, as has the number of buses and journeys available to people. What's more, the Scottish Government made a clear commitment to boost active transport yet the number of journeys taken by bike is stagnant.

"That means more traffic on our roads and less investment in public transport. This government claims to want to lead the way in tackling climate change yet they’re stuck spinning their wheels.

"We need urgent action and real investment now in bus and rail services and active travel to achieve our climate goals."

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