Rumbles: Scottish Government must prevent further decline in bus use and active travel

North East MSP and transport spokesperson for the Scottish Liberal Democrats Mike Rumbles has warned the Scottish Government that figures, published by Transport Scotland today, reveal a further decline in the use of bus transport and active travel in Scotland.

Mr Rumbles cautioned that, if action is not taken to reverse the trend and promote the use of active and bus travel, the country could be storing-up serious environmental and health problems for future generations.

Figures show that the number of journeys made by bus fell by a further 13 million in 2017 to 380 million. Over the past ten years bus travel has fallen a staggering 22% and this trend is continuing.

Just 1.5% of all journeys were made by bike - far below the Scottish Government's 10% target for 2020.

There was also an overall drop satisfaction with public transport from 72% in 2016 to 69% in 2017.

Mr Rumbles said:

“The Scottish Government has presided over a decade of falling bus use and a stagnant levels of active travel.

“Despite clear benefits for our environment and the health of the nation, past ministers have been content to sit on their hand while we store-up problems for the future.

“This is an opportunity for the new transport minister to take stock of the situation and halt this trend."

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