Rumbles: Public rightly unimpressed by SNP's handling of services

Scottish Liberal Democrat business manager Mike Rumbles MSP today said that people's satisfaction in public services has plummeted on the SNP's watch, after a new Scottish Government survey showed it is at its lowest level since records began.

The Scottish Household Survey 2016 shows that just 56.1% of the public are satisfied with local health services, local schools and public transport - the lowest since the SNP came to power. Public satisfaction in these services has fallen 10% since 2011.

Mr Rumbles commented:

"The result of the SNP Government's own survey is clear. People are rightly unimpressed by the SNP's handling of their schools, health and transport services. It is no surprise their satisfaction in all three has fallen given ministers' inaction and blundering.

"They allowed Scottish education to slip down the international rankings and have then been too timid to make a transformational £500 million investment to make it the best again. Our health services are stretched like never before, with shortages in almost every area of the NHS. And on transport, the SNP's long-term priority has been to give a £250 million tax break to the booming aviation industry.

"People working in our schools and hospitals are as frustrated as anyone else. Both they and service users deserve so much better.

"The Scottish Liberal Democrats offer a positive plan to invest in education, mental health and sustainable transport to create a high skills and high wage economy for the long term.”

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