Rumbles: Public can have no trust in new rail improvement plans

Scottish Liberal Democrat transport Mike Rumbles MSP has today warned that the public will have no faith in the Scottish Government’s rail improvement order, as he questioned the Transport Secretary in Parliament over why previous plans to improve performance had not led to an improvement in services.

Humza Yousaf launched the ScotRail Performance Improvement Plan in January 2017.

Speaking outside the Scottish Parliament chamber after the exchange, Mr Rumbles said:

“Two years ago the previous Transport Secretary promised that he had a plan in place for getting Scotland’s railways rolling. Now his successor stands up and makes a remarkably similar promise.

“The public can have no faith in this SNP Government’s command of our railways when plans and promises come and go but performance continues to stall.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats demand better. We need a railway system that delivers for passengers who are paying through the nose for a substandard service. If there isn’t an immediate improvement Abellio should be stripped off the franchise at the first possible opportunity.”

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