Rumbles persuades committee not to pass Brexit legislation

Scottish Liberal Democrat spokesperson on the rural economy Mike Rumbles has refused to support Brexit legislation on transport that must be passed by the Scottish Parliament as a consequence of the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Act.   

Mr Rumbles argued in a session of the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee that the Statutory Instrument would be redundant if the UK electorate vote for majority of remain MPs who will cancel Brexit.  

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 Statutory Instrument coved sections of the act relating to the European Rail Network for Competitive Freight and Trans-European Transport Network.

Mr Rumbles said:

“The entire reason for holding a General Election on the 12th of December is to break the deadlock in Parliament over Brexit. If the UK electorate choose to back a remain Government then any legislation regarding Brexit will be cancelled.

“There is no point giving a helping hand to the UK Government’s Brexit plans until we know what the outcome of the election is.

“If people want to stop Brexit then the Liberal Democrats are the obvious choice. We believe that Scotland will be made better by being part of the UK and by the UK being part of the EU. No other party is offering the voter this clear choice.”

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