Rumbles: Draconian bill will give Scottish Ministers carte blanche over personal information

North East MSP Mike Rumbles has called on Scottish Ministers to think again over their support for Part 5 of the UK Government’s Digital Economy Bill, that will allow government to share personal data on individuals. 

The Bill, that has been widely criticised in the media, will be put before the Scottish Parliament tomorrow and MSPs will vote on a Legislative Consent Memorandum which if it passes will give the UK Government the green light to proceed. 

The Bill has already been held back by the House of Lords over concerns that the sharing of personal information could be misused by Ministers.

Mr Rumbles said:

“The Scottish Liberal Democrats will be opposing the memorandum put before the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, on the grounds that it breaches any reasonable definition of data protection.

“There has been no satisfactory explanation by either the Scottish Government or the UK Government of the need for these draconian measures. They have utterly failed to address concerns raised by the Lords, the media and many charities. 

“This Bill gives government ministers complete power over personal information held on millions of individuals. This should ring alarm bells for anyone concerned with personal freedoms and right to privacy.

“I am sure that neither the public nor the Liberal Democrats will accept this Bill until those concerns are addressed and the proposals are amended to better protect personal information.”

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