Rumbles: CAP shambles worse under Ewing

Scottish Liberal Democrat rural spokesperson Mike Rumbles MSP has today criticised the Scottish Government’s disastrous handling of farm payments during a debate in the Scottish Parliament this afternoon.

The debate follows on from an Audit Scotland report from last week which revealed that the Scottish Government faces a further £60 million in fines for its errors. The report detailed a number of blunders in the delivery of the Common Agricultural Policy Futures programme, highlighting the Scottish Government’s failure to manage or evaluate the potential cost of the continuing crisis.

Commenting Mr Rumbles said:

“We are now seeing the depth of the Scottish Government’s catastrophic handling of farm payments over recent years. This report amounts to a damning indictment of their failures.

“Audit Scotland have made it clear that this is not just a problem with a broken IT system or a single ministerial bungle. The Scottish Government has repeatedly added fuel to the fire, blunder after blunder.

“The SNP’s ignorance and contempt for our rural communities has caused lasting damage to jobs, investment and growth in our rural economy. They still refuse to put the time and effort into fixing these issues. They won’t even assess the harm that has been done. Farmers are now telling me that they have lost all trust in this Government to deliver on their promises.

“The SNP should hold their heads in shame over the Scottish Government’s utter failure to get to grips with this situation, Last year the Minster promised that things be different under his leadership. They are not, in fact they are worse.” 

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