Rumbles: Broadband grandstanding typical of central belt SNP

In a speech in the Scottish Parliament today, North East MSP Mike Rumbles will shine a light on the SNP’s failure to deliver adequate broadband services to rural communities - despite election promises of 100% coverage by 2021.

Ahead of May’s Scottish elections, SNP candidates across the country promised that every home and business in Scotland would have superfast speed broadband by the end of the parliament. Even so, many constituents who live in the North East and the Highlands & Islands have reported that current levels of connectivity are woefully inadequate.

Commenting Mr Rumbles said:

“It’s time the Scottish Government admitted that having a green box installed by the roadside every few miles is not the same as every home having access to superfast speeds of broadband.

“Where we live in Aberdeenshire we, and our neighbours, 18 months ago watched as cabling passed right in front of our homes and a green cabinet was fitted down the road, but our already poor service has not improved one iota. On top of that, providers have confessed that meeting Scottish Government targets will be ‘challenging’ and homes in our area will not be seeing superfast broadband any time soon.

“How long does the Scottish Government believe they can pull the wool over the eyes of rural communities before they are forced to acknowledge their promises are undeliverable under the current programme? Perhaps one week after the 2021 election?

“The SNP must start taking seriously the challenges faced by communities North of the central belt, take urgent action, and show real progress. They have a genuine opportunity to make the most of all strengths the North of Scotland has to offer, but central belt bias is blinding them into a stupor.”

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