Rennie writes to First Minister over IndyRef legal bid

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today written to the First Minister regarding concerns over reports that the Scottish Government may go to court to force through a second independence referendum.

At her talk at Stanford University yesterday the First Minister stated that Westminster’s power over the constitution has ‘never been tested in court'.

In his letter Mr Rennie wrote:

“I am alarmed that you are considering testing the reserved power on the UK constitution in the courts. 

"I am writing to seek clarity on exactly what you are planning to do and what you meant in your remarks to the American audience.

“When you stated the constitution is reserved to the UK Government I assume you meant UK Parliament. Is it your intention to test the reservation of the constitution of the United Kingdom to the United Kingdom Parliament?  When would you be planning to test this in the court?  What is the basis in law for this? Have you already instructed the Lord Advocate to prepare for this?  Have you estimated the cost of taking such action?

“I am sure that you will understand that a majority of people in Scotland now believe that you are being wholly distracted by the issue of independence and this most recent threat is yet another example of that. I would urge you to focus on the enormous challenges that our country faces rather than continuing this war of attrition over independence.

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