Rennie welcomes discussions with SNP over support for Brexit deal referendum

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today welcomed the First Minister's willingness to discuss support for the Scottish Liberal Democrat campaign for a Brexit deal referendum.

In a letter to Mr Rennie, the First Minister stresses her commitment to working with other parties and invited Mr Rennie to begin discussions with Cabinet Secretary Mike Russell.

Mr Rennie said:

“This is a welcome step forward from the Scottish Government and shows that there is support from across the political spectrum for a clear approach to Brexit that gives the British people a final say.

"Both Nicola Sturgeon and Mike Russell have shown support for our campaign to give the public the final say but this can only be achieved if parties are willing to work together to protect the UK’s relationship with the EU. I know that there are colleagues across all UK parties who support this position and I urge them to join this movement and build the momentum further.

“The infighting and incompetence of the Conservatives is pushing the United Kingdom towards a disastrous Brexit that will damage our country’s future.

"To protect Britain's prosperous future, Scottish Liberal Democrats believe that the final decision on Theresa May's Brexit deal should be in the hands of the British public.”

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