Rennie: We must build momentum for change to win over SNP voters

On Saturday, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie will use his speech to the UK Liberal Democrat spring conference to make the case for working in partnership with others to deliver progressive change in Scotland and across the UK.

Mr Rennie is expected to say:

“Our MSPs have punched above their weight. With more MSPs we can achieve so much more.

“Look at what we have planned next: Plans to get our education system back up to the best in the world again. To tackle the climate emergency, bringing green jobs to the country. To create jobs with a youth guarantee. Work in partnership with others to build a case for progressive change in Scotland. Make the case with the new Labour leader Anas Sarwar on issues like reform of the UK.

“Because in this time of crisis we must work together with like minds to attract votes back from the SNP and the cause of independence.

“We must build the momentum for change to be attractive to the moderate, progressive people in Scotland who are appalled by Boris Johnson but don’t want to spend the next five years arguing about independence.”

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