Rennie: We cannot go from one uncertainty to another

Speaking during today’s debate on the outcome of the EU Referendum, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

 “The First Minister knows that I oppose another independence referendum. I made that commitment during the election only last month.

“Today's motion does not endorse independence. The First Minister has made that clear. I welcome the First Minister reaching out to other parties to engage in the negotiation process. 

“I immediately agreed to participate as long as it is not a cunning plan to deliver independence.

“I want to explore options; whether it is reverse Greenland; working with London, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar or some other arrangement.

“But we need to fully understand before we move ahead. And rushing head long to independence will undermine those efforts.

“There is so much we simply do not know. Making decisions when we do not know should be one of the lessons from last week.”

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