Rennie warns gas shortage will hit rural communities

A crack in the Forties Pipeline discovered in early December 2017 and the Beast from the East weather has resulted in disruption to LPG off grid gas supplies to rural Scotland. 

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has called on Calor Gas and other distribution companies to come clean to customers about the extent of the problems as the winter weather continues in Scotland.

The shortages potentially could leave many households without heating and businesses without power.

Willie Rennie commented:

“Calor Gas and other distribution companies have a duty of care to their consumers to keep them warm during the extreme winter weather.  That’s why they need to come clean about the risk to supplies.

“The ramifications of the break in the Forties pipeline and the Beast from the East are being felt by customers weeks and months later.  Of course these events were beyond the company's control but that is no excuse for poor communication.

“Customers have not been told about the problem with the gas supplies.  It’s only when they realise that their supplies are much lower than normal that they are seeking answers.

“It’s good to know vulnerable customers are being prioritised in the coming days but it’s not good enough that households and businesses have been left uninformed about the risk to supplies.

“What we’ve seen is clumsy communication to customers who are left in the cold. With further winter weather warnings in place for this weekend, Calor and other companies would be wise to review their procedures to ensure providing for loyal customers is the priority going forward.”

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