Rennie visits Loch Leven Larder

During a visit to Loch Leven Larder Mr Rennie focused on the need for a transformational investment in mental health after figures revealed by the Liberal Democrats showed children waiting for over a year for mental health treatment. 

Mr Rennie said:

“It is appalling to learn that children and young people are still waiting almost two years for the mental health treatment they need. Waiting more than 600 days for help must feel like a lifetime. SNP ministers should hang their heads in shame.

“For years, the First Minister has told me time after time of her commitment to mental health but there is very little evidence of improvement. The urgency and the scale of the investment that we need to see is simply not there.

“Only the Liberal Democrats have set out a comprehensive and positive plan that will deliver a step change in mental health. This includes ending the underfunding of mental health, new units for children and more professionals at more locations capable of delivering therapies. That is the way to give every child a chance of getting on in life.”

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