Rennie: Use special relationship for hope and tolerance

The Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has urged the use of the special relationship to influence Donald Trump. Following the result of the US Presidential Elections Willie Rennie MSP said:

"Hope needs to prevail in the face of the politics of division. Open, liberal, tolerant and hopeful voices must stand up and be counted.

"We do not fight fire with fire. Our job as liberals is to make sure we can always inspire people in favour of an open and tolerant society. We want a world where everyone has a fair chance to get up and get on in life and to have respect for who they are.

"We should take that message to inspire people wherever they are in the world.

"We will need to use the special relationship we have with America to influence Mr Trump and to stand up for the different minorities in his country who will wake up today more fearful than they have for decades."  

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