Rennie urges Trump to accept mosque invitations as petition grows

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP today said a Trump presidency would be a diplomatic disaster for the Middle East as he repeated his call for Donald Trump to meet with Muslims when he visits Scotland this week.

Mr Rennie was speaking as Donald Trump again said he would move to ban Muslim immigration into the USA if he wins the election. The presidential hopeful also called for racial profiling of Muslims and for mosques to be placed under surveillance. 

A petition calling on Mr Trump to meet with Muslims in Edinburgh has this week reached 13,000 signatures. Mr Rennie has said that he will boycott the re-opening of the Trump Turnberry golf course unless Mr Trump accepts the invitations that have been issued by mosques. 

Commenting, Mr Rennie said: 

“When people express bigoted views in private this is bad enough. But when the bigot in question is campaigning to be the President of the USA, the consequences of these hateful words are much more serious.

 “As a celebrity there has always been a market for Donald Trump’s intolerant views. But as a candidate for President he is undermining efforts to provide peace and stability in the Middle East. Far from calming the situation in the Middle East, it is hard to see a Trump presidency as anything but a disaster for diplomatic efforts in the region. 

“Donald Trump says he wants to place mosques under surveillance. This week he has the chance to come and have a look at Mosques in Edinburgh for himself. Thousands of Scots have urged The Donald to take up the invitation that has been issued. Time is running out for him to accept. He should take this chance to educate himself when he comes to Scotland.”

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