Rennie urges standards committee to reconsider recall measures for MSPs

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has urged the Scottish Parliament’s standards committee to reconsider introducing measures to allow constituents to recall MSPs.

The UK Parliament passed legislation applying to the recall of MPs in 2015. In March 2018, Mr Rennie gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s standards committee urging them to act. However, the committee rejected the measure.

Willie Rennie said:

"I was disappointed the proposal I made for recall was rejected by the standards committee.  There is merit in looking at this again. It is an ongoing issue and we shouldn't let it drop.

“I want MSPs to know that serious and harmful behaviour could lead to the ultimate sanction of them losing their job.

“At the moment voters are helpless when faced with unacceptable conduct such as Derek Mackay using the offer of parliamentary receptions to try to befriend a teenager."

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