Rennie urges SNP rethink after European Parliament confirms Article 50 is revocable

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today urged the SNP to rethink their approach to Brexit after a vote in the European Parliament confirmed that Britain’s notification to leave the EU can be withdrawn. 

In a vote today the Parliament confirmed that, subject to approval by the EU-27 countries, Article 50 is revocable. After the vote, the European Parliament’s chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt encouraged Britain to return to “the European family once again”. 

Mr Rennie said: 

“Theresa May’s hard Brexit stitch up is far from a done deal. People voted for a departure but not a destination. A Brexit deal referendum, giving the British people a say over the terms she negotiates, is the right and democratic thing to do. I spoke to Guy Verhofstadt about this when I met him. 

“Now the EU has left the door open to it, I urge the First Minister and SNP to rethink their opposition to a Brexit deal referendum. It isn’t too late for them to finally work with the Liberal Democrats and others across the political spectrum towards keeping the whole UK in the EU.”

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