Rennie: Unlike Labour we are unified on Europe

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP today said the implosion of the Labour party confirms Liberal Democrats are the only party able and prepared to stand up for both the EU and UK.

Thirteen members of the shadow cabinet have resigned so far and Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson this morning told Jeremy Corbyn to stand down. In comparison, over 5000 members have joined the Liberal Democrats since the referendum result and the party has confirmed it will stand for re-entry to the European Union at the next election.

Willie Rennie MSP commented:

“After the events of the weekend it is clear that our country has been set back by the combined actions of the Labour and Conservative parties.

“The incompetence of the Labour Party has caused the millions who voted for it to become disillusioned and left our country facing an incredibly uncertain future. Meanwhile, the Conservative government’s gamble didn’t come off, leaving it paralysed by splits over the EU and the prospect of a leadership election.

“Unlike Labour and the Tories, we are unified on Europe. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that strongly believes the UK should be part of the European Union and we will continue to fight that case at any future election.

“Tim Farron and I are clear; the UK is more progressive and outward looking as a full member of the EU and I urge the 48% to join us and help make that powerful case.”

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