Rennie: UK Government dithers while the fruit rots

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie has accused the UK Government of “dithering while the fruit rots”.

The Association of Labour Providers has revealed over half of recruitment agencies have been unable to attract sufficient numbers of seasonal labourers, even in quiet months.

Last year the National Farmers Union reported a 17% drop in seasonal workers coming to the UK.

Willie Rennie said:

“The UK Government is dithering while the fruit rots. They have ignored repeated pleas from the industry to secure more workers to pick the crops.

“It’s extremely worrying that so many farmers are heading into their busiest season without the security of a sufficient supply of seasonal workers.

“In the short term Brexit means fruit and veg is left rotting in the fields, but in the long term it’s jeopardising the agricultural sector as a whole.

“Brexit is bad for business, that is blindingly obvious. Everyone deserves a chance to look at the final deal and vote on whether it’s good enough.”

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