Rennie: Transparency required on local outbreaks and impact on schools

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today pressed the First Minister to be transparent on her plans for schools in the event of a local outbreak.

He wants to know whether they will keep schools open like the Prime Minister plans or close them down along with local businesses. 

Mr Rennie said:

"There is a lack of transparency to the Scottish Government’s plans for schools where there is a local outbreak of the virus. Teachers, pupils and parents should not be kept in the dark. 

"The Prime Minister stated his plan is to keep schools open if there is a local outbreak but we have not heard what the Scottish Government plans in those circumstances. 

“In Dumfries and Galloway and Aberdeen the government reacted to outbreaks with tighter controls on travel and business. I want to know where schools fit in. Will they close too or remain open? 

"New Zealand has clear criteria for what would happen in schools in the event of an outbreak. We need to see the same level of planning in place here. Parents, teachers and pupils need to know what the response will be if someone tests positive.”

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