Rennie: Tories are putting party before country

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie today warned that by stoking the fires of English nationalism, the Conservatives are putting party before country.

Mr Rennie was speaking after Home Secretary Theresa May claimed the SNP posed the biggest risk to the UK since the abdication of Edward VIII in 1936.

Commenting, Willie Rennie said:

“People who voted for Scotland to remain part of the UK, including conservative voters, will be aghast at the hyperbolic rhetoric the Tories are using to stoke the fires of English nationalism.

“The Tories' whole strategy is seeking to divide rather than unite. Their shameful tactics are putting party politics before the future of our country. 

“We now have the SNP seeking to pull the union one way and the Tories putting party before country and pulling it in another direction. If you want to see a stronger Scotland in a strong UK - if you want unity and stability for Scotland - then you need to back the Liberal Democrats.”

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