Rennie: Tories are going backwards to an anti-devolution stance

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today criticised the Scottish Conservatives on their tax proposals which would leave taxation in the hands of the Chancellor in Westminster.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“The Scottish Conservatives are proposing that we blindly follow the Chancellor in Westminster and don’t use any powers we have to make sure we build a fairer and more progressive Scotland. Not using the powers that Scotland has to improve services would be an abdication of responsibility and would be a backwards step from devolution.

“Liberal Democrats are proposing a modest penny on income tax that would deliver hundreds of millions of pounds that can be invested in our schools. After seeing education slip in the SNP’s hands now more than ever we need to see investment to make sure we can make our education systems one of the best in the world again. A boost to education would provide a boost to the economy and help make Scotland a high wage, high skilled economy that we all strive to see.

“The Conservatives are big on stealth taxes. The Conservative Chancellor has just increased National Insurance from 2% to 12% for some people in Scotland. He has hit businesses with a new 0.5% payroll tax and favours an increase in council tax of 6%. Blindly following the Chancellor and hitting Scots with stealth taxes is not the way to go.”

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