Rennie to write to Scottish MPs calling for People's Vote

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie will use a speech to a gathering of pro-European activists to call on United Kingdom and Scottish independence supporters to come together to stop a damaging Brexit. 

Speaking at a public meeting in Haddington tonight (Wednesday), Willie Rennie will say he wants pro-Europeans to set aside their differences on the Scottish constitutional question and back a People’s Vote on the final Brexit Deal.

Willie Rennie will say:

“The immediate threat to our economy and public services is from the damage caused by Brexit. It is important that all people who believe in joint action across the EU should come together to speak with one voice. The more united the voice the greater the chance of success.

“European cooperation has delivered so much for this country and we can now see the real damage that looms large over our country with Brexit. From the drop in the value of the pound to the shortage of skilled and committed workers the impact is already being felt. This will be compounded by the restrictions on trade and question marks over the future of the Irish border. 

“This is why we need cooperation and why I am calling on all pro-Europeans to step up now before it is too late. 

“We have seen the First Minister and some SNP MPs flirting with support for a Brexit deal referendum. They need to come off the fence and become leaders on this.

“A group of Labour MPs from the North of England have spoken out in favour of this People's Vote. Labour MPs in Scotland should join that committed group.

“And there should certainly be some Scottish Conservative MPs who must be horrified that the final decision on the terms of Brexit could be taken by hardline Brexit supporters.

“That is why it is important for all MPs from Scotland to step up and fully commit to this vote, giving the public the final say over whatever deal Theresa May has secured. This time the public have a right to know the real details of what they're voting on.

"The Government have been defeated in the House of Commons over the prospect of a meaningful vote and in the Lords over everything from environmental protections to the single market. If MPs from different parties come together then we can win this.

“A majority of people in Scotland voted for the UK to remain in the EU so I hope that every MP will back their constituents rather than backing their party. I am therefore writing to every Scottish MP to urge them to back the People's Vote.”

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