Rennie: This should be the week to bury the Council Tax not to raise it

Speaking ahead of a week when the SNP is expected to enact a statutory instrument to increase the Council Tax for properties in Band E and above, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has urged them to change course.

Willie Rennie says that the SNP have moved from hating the Council Tax to loving it in just a matter of months.

Mr Rennie pointed to previous SNP policy to scrap the “hated” Council Tax. He also took issue with the parliamentary procedure that allocates just six minutes for the debate. Mr Rennie said:

“This should be the week to bury the Council Tax, not to raise it.

“It is time for the SNP to change course.

“The SNP should end their hate-love relationship with the Council Tax this week.

“By tabling this change they are entrenching it. Instead of embedding the Council Tax in Scotland for another decade they should listen to their own advice and scrap it.

“The SNP want to increase Council Tax by at least £100 for properties in Band E and above. And they plan to exploit a loophole to allow just six minutes debate in the Scottish Parliament on the matter. People deserve better.

"The SNP should make reforms that will not only be fair but will make local authority taxation truly local rather than a national tax under the guise of a local one. The Liberal Democrat plan is to pay for a transformation in education by a fairer penny on income tax. The SNP should change course and back our plan."

Liberal Democrats are also calling for the replacement of Council Tax with a fairer, more local system that reflects the underlying value of the land, in line with the recommendations of the Independent Review of Local Tax.

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