Rennie tells moderate Tories - follow Amber Rudd or you’re complicit in Boris Johnson’s abuses of power

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie will address the Edinburgh University Liberal Democrat club and set out the challenges pro-Europeans face as we approach 31st October.

He will use the speech to highlight the unavoidable decision all moderate Conservatives must now take, on whether or not to support the Prime Minister’s reckless agenda and stress that those who don’t follow Amber Rudd and resign the Conservative whip will be complicit in Boris Johnson’s extreme course of action.

Willie Rennie is expected to say:

“Moderate conservatives have reached the point they need to make a serious decision – is Boris Johnson speaking in their name? If not it’s time to go.

“This shameless Prime Minister has suspended democracy to further his agenda. His most senior ministers have given up because he isn’t making an effort to get an agreement with the EU. He’s got colleagues frantically researching ways to get around the law and he’s willing to sacrifice thousands and thousands of jobs at the altar of an ideological position on Brexit driven by his own special adviser and Nigel Farage.

“It’s no longer acceptable to tut and shake your head. Boris Johnson is trying to push through these abuses of democracy on a Conservative ticket.

“Moderate Conservatives now need to speak out now if this Prime Minister is not speaking in their name. They need to follow Amber Rudd’s lead and resign the Tory whip before it is too late. If not, they will be complicit in the consequences of this course of action.

“Amber Rudd has shown what all Conservatives with concerns must do.”

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