Rennie: Swinney should be thankful he is not delivering budget today

Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie has said John Swinney should be thankful he has not had to stand up today and deliver a budget for an independent Scotland.

Mr Swinney is due to give details of the Scottish government’s budget plans for 2016-17 next month. If Scotland had voted to leave the UK it would have been the last budget delivered before independence in March 2016.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“John Swinney should thank his lucky stars it’s not him up there delivering a budget for an independent Scotland.  His predictions of a second oil boom have gone bust.  The 94% cut in oil revenues would have starved our NHS, schools and police of billions of pounds in a separate Scotland.

“The strong team of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords played a huge role in defeating the Conservative plans for tax credit cuts.

“This Autumn Statement shows the difference the Liberal Democrats made in Government. The ideologically driven cuts will have a devastating and unnecessary impact on our public services.

“One of the few benefits of the Statement was the extra funding for mental health.  It is now for the Scottish Government to match that welcome commitment.”

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