Rennie: Sturgeon transforming into a Neo-fundamentalist

Nicola Sturgeon is transforming into a Neo-fundamentalist with her uncompromising pursuit of independence. In a speech to party members in Cupar tonight the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie will say that the First Minister must back down and accept that the voters at the election on June 8th were clearly rejecting another independence referendum.

“Nicola Sturgeon was once at the heart of the gradualist wing of the SNP. She believed that independence could be won through a cautious, step-by-step approach. Fundamentalists, like Alex Neil and Kenny MacAskill, were criticised as extreme and unrealistic for promoting a rival big-bang theory.

“Now the fundamentalists and gradualists have swapped places. There has been a role reversal. Nicola Sturgeon is now the neo-fundamentalist and Alex Neil has become the arch-gradualist.

“This all shows how out of touch the First Minister has become when caution is being urged on her by the reformed hot-head Alex Neil.

“The SNP suffered their worst ever result on June 8th. They dropped 13% points and lost half a million votes. They also lost two leaders in Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson. The SNP cannot interpret that result as an endorsement of their approach on independence. Carrying on regardless would be an insult to the voters.

“That is why Nicola Sturgeon should abandon her plans for another independence referendum. She should go further and invite the Scottish Parliament to rule out another independence referendum for the whole of this parliamentary term.”

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