Rennie: Sturgeon taking Scots for fools

Nicola Sturgeon is taking Scots for fools. That is the view of the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. Willie Rennie made the comments after the First Minister said the general election was not about independence.

Mr Rennie said:

"Nicola Sturgeon is taking Scots for fools if she thinks we'll believe her codswallop on the purpose of the election. She has spent weeks demanding an independence referendum but now wants us to forget all about it.

"Just last week she claimed a win for the SNP in the election would be a mandate for another independence. This week she claims the opposite.

"At the last general election she claimed her MPs would not argue for independence. Yet their MPs put independence at the top of their priorities at Westminster.

"It's a pretty transparent attempt to grip onto the votes of people who are turning their backs on the SNP.

"For the SNP it's all about independence and that has been exposed for us all to see over ten years in power."

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