Rennie: SNP taken their eye off the ball because of independence obsession

Responding to the programme for government set out today by the First Minister, Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie said:

“People across the country are paying the price for this government’s ineptitude.

“Last year when I responded to the programme for government I complained that mental health waiting times for young people were unacceptable. Back then 208 young people had waited more than a year. Today, one year later, that number has more than trebled to 735.

“But it’s not just mental health where the government failings are evident. They’ve got a sick kids’ hospital with no sick kids. An energy company without any energy customers.  West coast ferries with no passengers. Shetland ferries with no funding. School testing with no support. Buses with no passengers, and ScotRail trains with no crew.

“This a government whose eye has been taken off the ball because their primary focus is on independence. Communities shouldn’t lose out because of the SNP’s constitutional obsessions. Liberal Democrats demand better for our public services.”

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