Rennie: SNP should stop trashing Tavish Scott’s legacy

SNP Ministers should stop trashing Tavish Scott’s reputation, according to the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats. During visits to Shetland, SNP chiefs have chosen to criticise the former MSP who served the constituency over twenty years winning major concessions for the area.

Speaking from the campaign trail in Shetland, Willie Rennie said
“Tavish Scott won concessions for Shetland in Parliament at every opportunity. In contrast, SNP regional MSPs stood idle, doing what they were told by their bosses in Edinburgh.  
“Over twenty years Tavish Scott was an excellent MSP for Shetland and SNP ministers should stop trashing his reputation and what he achieved.
“It is astonishing to see the SNP rewriting history.
“Tavish Scott delivered so much for Shetland by sheer hard work and putting the merits of the case to ministers of all political colours.
“He won financial support for the internal ferry services after ministers had ignored the council’s plea for help over many years. 
“He secured the Air Discount Scheme for locals to cut the cost of flights.
“Tavish successfully fought for a change to the way that rape victims were supported on Shetland.
“He delivered the return of eye care services back to Shetland instead of patients being required to travel to Aberdeen for care.
“These are just some of the issues he has fought for. And only rarely did he get the support of regional SNP MSPs who usually sat idly by instead of standing up for Shetland.”

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