Rennie: SNP shortchange NHS Highland by over £14m

During a visit of the Highland region today Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has highlighted the SNP's neglect of the region, including shortchanging NHS Highland by over £14 million over two years, and urged voters to back the Liberal Democrats.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats have highlighted figures showing that NHS Highland has been over £14 million short of its target share of NHS funding during the last two years.

On a visit to Dingwall, Willie Rennie said:

"The NHS in the Highlands is under considerable strain and these figures show a multi-million pound shortfall on the SNP's watch. Waiting times are increasing and people are being forced to travel long distances for essential treatment.

"The SNP dismiss these problems and pretend everything is rosy while they deprive the NHS of the necessary funds to help tackle the problem. Imagine the difference we would see if the NHS in the Highlands hasn't been shortchanged like it has been over the years.

"With the Highlands crying out for a local champion the SNP have tunnel vision over their constitutional ambitions. Unlike the SNP, a Liberal Democrat MP will stick up for the region and reject a second divisive independence referendum. Only the Liberal Democrats can save the Highlands from the SNP."

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