Rennie: SNP's latest independence ruse will cost millions

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has today warned that the SNP are taking their relentless campaign for independence to another level this week with proposals to pass a Referendum Bill which is outside the competence of the Scottish Parliament and will end up in the Supreme Court.

In the last two weeks the SNP have proposed both a wildcat referendum and snap Scottish Parliament elections to try to force through independence.

This week they are toying with a so-called “Sandra White” option. Which would involve pursuing their referendum Bill even though it is outside the competence of the Parliament.

Willie Rennie said:

“The latest SNP ruse is a high cost, high risk option. They will force the issue through to the Supreme Court taking up Scottish Government time and wasting tax payer’s money.  

“We saw from the UK Government’s failed Article 50 case in the Supreme Court that the cost to taxpayers will be huge. The UK Government has refused so far to say how much their Article 50 case cost which shows that it will be an eye-watering sum. The Scottish Government’s cameo appearance cost £136,000. The full UK cost will be in the millions.

“It cost the Scottish Government £500,000 when they were taken to the Supreme Court over their named person scheme and it would be far more if they pushed through this unwanted legislation.

“The SNP to need to drop their obsession with independence. It is going to cost us millions.”

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