Rennie: SNP's council tax policy is utterly insulting

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today slammed the SNP for their timidity on local tax reform as the First Minister announces a readjustment in council tax bands.

Mr Rennie has criticised Nicola Sturgeon for her announcement today, saying the SNP had the power to put in place such a policy nine years ago which could have stopped the situation Scotland now finds itself in, with huge cuts to education and the country’s education system slipping down international rankings.

Mr Rennie said: “The SNP policy today does not tackle the problems in education. It falls far short of what is required.

“The SNP have cut colleges for five years. Education in schools is slipping down the international rankings. Early education for two-year-olds has stalled. So it is utterly insulting for the SNP to bring forward a policy today that they have had the power to bring in for nine years.

“If they had acted sooner, they could have stopped the heartache and cuts in Scottish education.

“Half a generation of young people have missed out on skills and life chances because of the timid SNP.

“Scottish Liberal Democrats will set out our proposals on local tax reform in due course. We will be progressive, fair and give councils the flexibility to deliver good public services.”

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