Rennie: SNP one-track mind preventing budget deal

The SNP have a one-track mind which is could lead to their budget collapsing on Thursday. That is the view of the Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie who wants the SNP to park the issue of independence so that a budget deal can be done.

It comes as the budget talks between the SNP and Greens broke down. 

Willie Rennie said

“We have made a simple request of the SNP Government.  If they park the issue of independence for the rest of this Parliament then we could reach a comprehensive and progressive deal on the budget.  

“We have repeatedly and consistently made that constructive offer so that Scotland can have a stable Scottish Government that focuses on the big challenges rather than getting bogged down with yet another massive and disruptive constitutional debate.

“Unfortunately, the SNP have declined our offer because they have a one-track mind.  Despite telling everyone that education is their guiding mission, independence always comes first before anything else. 

“Our offer includes costed recommendations on mental health, education and local government. 

“We understand that the government has problems with the reliability of the Greens so if Derek Mackay wants to talk he has my number.”

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