Rennie: SNP must rule out rebooting Super ID Database plan

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP urged the Scottish Government to rule out trying to reboot its plans for a Super ID Database, 500 days on from the closure of the public consultation on the controversial proposals.

Despite the Scottish Liberal Democrats asking 24 questions about the Super ID Database since the consultation closed on 25 February 2015, the SNP Government has remained silent on whether it will go ahead.

The Super ID Database would involve extending access to the NHS Central Register to 120 public bodies, ranging from the Royal Botanics to Quality Meat Scotland, and has drawn criticism from bodies as diverse as the Information Commissioner, SCVO, NO2ID and the BMA.

The SNP Government also no longer has a majority for its plan to establish it by the backdoor, without primary legislation and full parliamentary scrutiny.

Willie Rennie MSP commented:

“If a week is a long time in politics, 500 days is an eternity.

“People will be astonished that the Scottish Government still hasn’t announced whether it will go ahead with the Super ID Database, more than 500 days after the closure of the consultation.

“Ministers have simply shut down and are repeatedly failing to answer the most basic of questions. They are clearly running scared of the backlash and after being rebuked by experts including the Information Commissioner and NO2ID.

“One of the main purposes of the Super ID Database was to meant to be to identify taxpayers who need to pay the Scottish Rate of Income Tax. However, this was introduced in April with barely a word about the need for this intrusive database.

“At a vote last year all the opposition parties at Holyrood backed the Scottish Liberal Democrats call for the Super ID Database to be established through primary legislation. The SNP can’t escape the fact they no longer have a majority in favour of introducing this through the backdoor, without proper parliamentary scrutiny.

“It is time SNP ministers finally ruled out rebooting their plans for a Super ID Database.”

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