Rennie: SNP must commit to full EU membership

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP has today said that the SNP owe people a straight explanation of whether a Yes vote will take Scotland back into the EU after reports surfaced today that an independent Scotland would no longer seek to apply to become a member of EU after a vote for separation.

Commenting Mr Rennie said:

“The SNP have called this whole referendum because of the UK Exit from the EU. It is absurd for them to dodge whether their referendum would put us back in the EU. It looks very much like they are using the Brexit vote to drag us into another divisive referendum on independence.

“The SNP are using those that voted Remain for their own ends. This referendum is not about Scotland having a say, it’s about their obsession with independence no matter the consequences. Their stance on Europe will be leaving those that wish to stay in the European Union bitterly disappointed as the SNP plan to leave Scotland out of both the United Kingdom and the European Union. A Scotland outside the EU and the UK would be a disaster.”

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