Rennie: SNP must campaign to keep the UK in the EU

Commenting on the publication of 'Scotland; A European Nation' by the Scottish Government today, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie MSP said:

“The SNP is doing Scotland no favours with this blinkered and selfish puff piece.

“They have included their loss of a majority last May on the list of the twelve most significant constitutional moments of the last thousand years.

“Yet they have completely ignored the SNP’s campaign to take the UK out of the EEC back in 1975. Or the SNP ducking the Claim of Right in 1989.

“What the Scottish Government needs to do is bin the vanity publishing and get behind the campaign to keep the UK and Scotland in the single market and the EU. We do that by making sure people get a chance to vote on the final deal. The alternative is a blank cheque Brexit very few people voted for anywhere in Britain.”

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