Rennie: SNP in search of grievance for indyref2

Responding to comments from the First Minister on today’s Good Morning Scotland, suggesting that even if Brexit is cancelled she will try for a referendum, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said:

“This interview shows that for the SNP it isn’t really about Brexit. If one source of grievance is gone, they will simply invent another.

“Nicola Sturgeon should look at the damage caused by Brexit and the division it has caused and learn a lesson. Breaking up is hard to do.

“With all the chaos and division of Brexit and all the problems facing schools, hospitals and social care, the last thing the country needs is another divisive independence campaign.”

Responding to the First Minister’s claims that a new poll showed a majority of Scots are in favour of a second independence referendum, despite it showing that only 21% of Scots would welcome a referendum by 2021 and the most popular choice of response to the Survation poll being that there should never be another referendum, which received 34% backing, Scottish Liberal Democrat constitutional affairs spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain said:

“The First Minister is bending the truth as far as it can go in her blinkered campaign to break up the UK.

“Despite her assurances that indyref2 appeals to the majority, actually only 1 in 5 Scots want to vote on independence in the next two years.

“The people who told the pollsters that there shouldn’t be a referendum for at least 10 years will be especially surprised to see the First Minister this morning count them as supporting her plans.

“People across the country have watched with horror over the last two years as Brexit has sown deep divisions and damaged our economy. It’s just wrong to suggest a majority of Scots are eager to pursue more chaos and division on an even greater scale.”

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