Rennie: SNP has treated North East as cash cow

The North East has been treated as a cash cow by the Scottish National Party Government.  That’s the claim from the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats as the First Minister travels to the North East of Scotland today.

Recently the Scottish Liberal Democrats uncovered that the Scottish Government has been short-changing North East Scotland. New figures revealed that Aberdeen City is set to be £23million short of the funding level promised by the SNP. 

Commenting Mr Rennie said: 

“Clearly the First Minister is spooked by the upcoming general election fearing that her neglect of the north east will come back to bite her. However, it is too little too late for the SNP who have neglected this area during their obsessive pursuit of independence. 

“The North East has been treated as a cash cow by the SNP and they should be punished for it at the polls. 

“Nicola Sturgeon cannot escape the fact that the SNP’s actions have directly left areas like Aberdeen short changed. Business rates are up and local council funding is down. It makes grim reading for local services and businesses. 

“The transport infrastructure is inadequate especially considering the economic contribution the region makes to the Scottish economy. 

“The SNP cannot claim to be a party for the whole of Scotland when they neglect the needs of regions like the North East. 

“This election is a chance to change the direction of our country and put an end to the SNP’s obsession with independence. A vote for the Scottish Liberal Democrats is a vote for a party that will put local needs first for the whole of Scotland.”

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